AGD           Beate Selbiger

7. Klasse

 Unterrichtsmaterial zum Lehrbuch Green Line 3

Unit 1: Worksheet: How to express the future (G1-4); key

Unit 2: Modal auxiliaries and their substitutes (gap-fill exercise)

Unit 2: Modal auxiliaries and their substitutes (worksheet and key)

Unit 4: Adverb or adjective? Test yourself:  exercise 1, exercise 2, exercise 3

Unit 4: Passive voice. Test yourself :

Bildung: simple present, simple past, present perfect, will-future

Umformung Aktiv - Passiv: simple present, simple past, present perfect, will-future; gemischte Übung, personal passive

Setze die richtige Zeit im Aktiv oder Passiv ein.


 Unterrichtsmaterial zum Lehrbuch Green Line New 3

All about Wales (crossword puzzle)

Roman Britain (gap-fill exercise); Roman Britain (prepositions); Bath (pictures)

Exercise: Present Tense - Simple and Progressive


Test your English

Grammar: Work online and check your answers online!

The Big Challenge


Crossword Puzzle: In a fashion shop (by Carla, Jana, Julia, Leo, Lisa, Leonard)


Einige Empfehlungen zum Selbststudium


Word-Kenntnisse: Mein bisheriger Kenntnisstand

Mein ITG-Hefter: Wie soll der Hefter aussehen?

Evaluation: Formblatt

1. Übung: Kopiere das Bild und beschrifte auf Englisch möglichst viele Körperteile.


2. Übung: Computer peripherals

Task: Choose one of the pictures and match the following terms with the different parts by using arrows and text fields.

Terms: system unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse.

Add a picture of a printer, speakers and an external hard drive and write down their names, too.