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              Online material and online exercises

             Test 1:  Simple present or present progressive?
             Test 2:  Simple present or present progressive?
             Test 3:  Simple past or past progressive?
             Test 4:  Present perfect simple or progressive?
             Test 5:  Past tense or present perfect (simple or progressive)?
             Test 6:  Past tense or present perfect (simple or progressive)?
             Test 7:  Past tense or present perfect with certain adverbials of time and                               frequency?
             Test 8:  Will-future or going-to-future? 
             Test 9:  Past tense or past perfect - simple or progressive form?




  • "The Tortilla Curtain" 


  • The Mexican border: Now and then

      Read the following articles and take notes:

          1) Border regions, border states, crossing checkpoints, history, US-Mexico border                       enforcement;                                                                                                                               see:

          2) "How many Mexicans actually cross the US border illegally?";                                                    see:   mexicans-actually-cross-border-illegally/91280026/

          3) Trump's order to build a US-Mexico border wall; see articles published on 25th                        January 2017